One morning this week I sat and watched two deer try to find a way out of my yard for about 45 minutes. The hunter in me wanted to show them the way through my deep freeze—just kidding. They’re out of season right now. What struck me as odd, and kept me watching for 45 minutes, was that these deer were capable of leaping over my fence at any point. Yet they nosed around different areas of fence for so long, seeking a simpler way out. Don’t we all do that? We keep minding the boundaries of our comfort zone, waiting for something to change in a way that doesn’t require any action on our part. But wait—what if I suddenly let my golden retriever out? You and I both know those deer would be only a flash of white tail and hooves over the fence. A catalyst speeds up a process, yes, but why wait for something urgent to happen? Being willing to take action without a catalyst would put us where we want to be faster than waiting.

Putting their home on the market is not in most people’s comfort zone. It requires a bit of action—much of it pro-active—and introduces several variables. It makes some people nervous to wonder things like “What if no one wants to see it?” or “What if we can’t find what we want after this house sells?” The great thing about those questions is that they usually work themselves out. Your Realtor will help you present your home in such a way that people will want to see it, and I can’t think of a single seller I have worked with who wasn’t happier in the house they ended up in after their own sold. It’s just a matter of being willing to move out of that comfort zone. If something has you thinking of selling, whether you want a different location, more storage, another bath or bedroom, be pro-active. Talk to your Realtor about your home AND the type you want. He or she will be able to give you some advice on both, and you could start moving immediately in the direction of where you want to be. That would be moving on your own recognizance, not feeling like the hounds are at your heels.



Mike Randall
Mike Randall
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